BlueBerry Air Cooler 785
Blueberry’s ANTARCTICO 50

The feature of Air Cooling
technology is here

Experience ANTARTICA from your room..!

High air pressure, large circulation

Choose a product that is an amazing feat of technology, engineered to perfection. Blueberry's air cooling technology is developed by sophisticated, amazingly durable and efficient units. Blueberry has system capable of producing ultra cool fresh air from your home itself.

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The future of Air cooling technology has arrived.

Number of Speed :

3 Speed

Auto Water Level Indicator :


Fan / Blower (blade size):


Rated Frequency:

50 HZ



Cord effective length:


Tank Capacity up to brim (in ltr.) :


Warranty on Product :

1 Year

Air-Throw distance (ft.) :

50 HZ

Invert-er Compactability:


Pure fresh wind blows

Omnipresent winds which blows
everywhere and all around you.

Spell binding freshness

Blueberry's Air Conditioning technology supports invertor compatibility. It has one year warranty for the product and 35 liter tank capacity with auto water level indicator which is user friendly. The voltage level of the product is set at 230 V. It has a three variant speed swing set with four ways deflection technology which makes it versatile and omnipresent no matter wherever it is placed. The high air pressure feature blows fresh and cool air onto a vast spread of area. This makes the product an outstanding asset of your daily life.