BlueBerry Washing Machine 785
BlueBerry's Washing Machine 785

Semi Automatic Fast
Washing Machine

Hygienic cleanliness at the touch of a button!!

Imagine a washing machine that completes all your washing right on the moment you even think of it !
Well that kind of intelligent washing and technology is no more an imagination. We at Blueberry present to you one of our a kind semiautomatic washing machine.
The feel and scent of a fleshly laundered washing is priceless. Well we promise to deliver you that hassle free feel with our integrated semi automatic fast washing machine. Our semi automatic washing machine is compact built in model, made to help you save on space, with half load and quick wash options. All in all Blueberry Washing Machines are energy saving, hassle free and a right choice for you and your family.

BlueBerry's Washing Machine 785

Smart Inverter Technology

The art inverter technology of blueberry's semi automatic fast washing machine is a combination of cutting edge technology with exceptional performance capability.

Energy Saving

With so many options available, it can be difficult trying to decide on which washing machine is best for your home. It does pay off to consider washing machines that are both water and energy efficient - this can help you save energy in your home, reducing your energy bills and pay you back with long-term savings.

BlueBerry's Washing Machine 785

10 Year Warranty

Blueberry Washing Machines are extremely powerful and durable. It is quiet in operation and more energy-efficient. Therefore we grant a 10 year warranty on our washing machines. Together let's make your life efficient and hassle free.

Better Washing

Gentle, normal or strong choose any one of the wash options for your fabric. It washes off completely all the soap residual from your clothes. Blueberry's Semi automatic fast washing machine satisfies you with a great washing experience!