LED Ultra 50 Android LED TV
Blueberry’s LED ULTRA 50

India’s first Android TV
with 4K experience

It’s more than just a TV

With the basic concept of TV having modified through years of technological intervention, Blueberry discerned the right path to conquer the domain of Visual media with splendor and luxury blended under affordable rates. The prerequisite aspects of a television are dealt respectfully with the specifications of our brand-new LED, where the sleek design, vast and precise display, fit enough to grab the hearts of spectators.

Blueberry’s LED
4K Visual Tratment

Why a LED TV Master?

The grandeur and permanence assured regarding the quality of our products make them worth the buyers’ money. A+ grade panels and customized main boards for TV make our products users’ friendly. Quality and efficacy assured through a series of scrutinizing tests undertaken for LED TVs make our products unique in quality. It has been through years of research to understand and interpret the requirements of customers that we have come up with the best products and service accessible in the market, to date.

4K Ultra-HD
1.3 GHZ Quad core
8 GB
Internal Storage
128 GB Expandable
2.0 USB
Cable Unit
Play your favorite Game
Like a Pro Player
Easily discover content
across all Apps
PatchWall recommends
content that you'll love
HDMI x 3, USB x 2,
Ethernet and more

Nature comes alive to your living room

Blueberry’s ANDROID LED TV is the one and only product yet manufactured to appease your long-term desire to envisage absolute visual clarity and experience high-quality sound effects. Blueberry’s one-touch access enables you to switch chat, games, movies etc. with much ease you could ever have dreamt of. The elegance imparted by the pure-metal design, perfectly engineered up-scaling, smooth motion-ratio which renders wide range of distinctive colors, highly precise contrast and yet more incredible features bring those scenes alive to your living room in just a single touch of your finger.


  • 1.3 GHZ Quad core processor
  • 1GB RAM + 8GB Storage
  • Multiple ports
  • Bluetoothe and WiFi connectivity

table-top and
wall mounting